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May 10, 2006

In praise of the Guardian

The Guardian's third leader has been given over since their redesign to an "in praise of ..." slot, which is often pretty odd, it not being in journalists' natures to sing the praises of anything.

A sample entry might run:"Mugs: Some swear by the cup, but who can deny the true pleasures of sipping, as many of us do, our tea from a mug? The cup is reserved for special occasions, matched with saucers and sugarbowls, while the mug encapsulates all that is demotic and homely about British teamaking. Was it not Rab Butler who said ... "

But today, all credit to them for choosing cider as being worthy of admiration. Some may sing the praises of beer, but who can deny ... you get the idea.


  • It's obviously lovely that TG has chosen to wax panegyrical about my tipple of choice. But I can't help feeling the piece is more in the tone of Private Eye's Me and My Spoon section rather than a profound appreciation of one of England's oldest drinks. Now, if the food & drink section could find a way to tempt Blackthorn Gold back to the market, well, I'd never read the Indy again...

    By Blogger Pudsk, at 11:25 am  

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